Super Bowl Real Winners and Losers: Commercials 2021 (Full List)

Photo by Phillip Goldsberry on Unsplash

For many of us, the best part of the Super Bowl is the commercials. So I broke them down for you to understand which ones people are talking about and why. Skip the Google search and peruse this SFW article. Plus, Google does not have my colorful commentary.

Below is the company advertising, a small description of the commercial, and its classification [in brackets] since there are really three types: Funny, Informative, and Heart-felt. I’ve also added my pick for the Best of each Break (commercial breaks are divided by — — — lines). My pick is marked with a * and of course, sometimes my partner disagreed so the ^ symbol is their pick of the round. Some rounds had all Losers and no picks at all! At the end, you will find each of our favorite choices for Best Super Bowl Commercial of 2021. (I also threw in my parents pick, ‘cause they are great people)

Lastly, I did not include the numerous CBS commercials, NFL ads, and I tried to keep out the local ones.


New movie trailer from M. Night Shyamalan. Like his other flicks, this one looks like a mind-twisting mystery and I’m here for it. Bummer it doesn’t come out till this Summer. The upside, no rush to watch the trailer.[Informative]

M&M’s * ^

Funny clips offering up M&M’s as a ‘peace treaty’ in these tumultuous times. Loved the gender reveal gone wrong, mansplaining joke, and a Dan Levy cameo. [Funny]

— — —

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier * ^

As a Marvel fan, I was so excited. First, I had no idea they were working on this, never mind releasing it soon (March 19th). Second, it is going to be a small series with six episodes to watch! No waiting until the Summer. Thanks Disney. [Informative]

Inspiration 4

Picture space and a modern looking space suit. There you can say you watched it. I guess they were trying to inspire us but the fact that this Ad had barely any information really bothered me. Lucky for you, I looked it up. SpaceX is launching the first “all-civilian” spaceflight this Fall and running a contest where you can win a seat by donating to St. Jude, they are also giving another seat to a St. Jude’s healthcare worker. To this I say, “Why are we risking more Healthcare worker lives?!” [Heartfelt]


Ehh, I’m not really into Sesame Street, and it is weird that it seems to target kids. I also was left with a gross feeling when they boasted at the end about donating to the educational non-profit Sesame Workshop (up to $1 Million). This felt really insincere since the ad was about small businesses and they take like 25% of each order from small businesses. If you want to read more about this check out this article: Calif. assemblywoman blasts DoorDash Sesame Street Super Bowl ad [Heartfelt?]

— — —

Doritos ^

Matthew McConaughey stars as a “Flat” 2D version of himself. The graphics were good and the clips were decent. I also loved the scene with Jimmy Kimmel and Mindy Kaling. Most importantly, I was excited to see that Doritos 3D are back, since I loved them in the 90’s. Will they taste the same? I hope so! [Funny]

GM *

Will Farrell opened this ad pointing out how Norway is kicking US butt in buying Electric Vehicles. With Farrell’s outlandish acting and roles for Kenan Thompson and Awkwafina dropping everything to assist him in his quest, I loved this Ad. It’s also exciting that they are debunking the ‘Tesla’ attitude the EV is only for the rich with the phase, EV — Everybody in. And I’m IN! [Funny]

— — —


I don’t know if it was just us, but we did not find this ad funny and it was obvious they were trying. I’m also not sure what the point was and why people would buy multiple Pringle tubes to “Stack”. Stop trying to make Stacks happen! [Funny — but not]

Bud Light

The premise is a Bud Light truck gets ‘knocked off’, the most delicate truck crash ever, and “Bud Light Legends” (characters from their past commercials) show up to save the day. [Funny — but not]

Chipotle *

We are taken on an imagination journey from a kid dreaming of how food can be better produced if it came directly from small farmers. It was also cute to see the sibling interaction. I was ready to bash Chipotle but it looks like they really are creating a better supply chain for their ingredients compared to other “Fast Food” competitors. They also made a donation on Sunday to the National Young Farmers Coalition and they didn’t throw it in our face. [Heartfelt]

— — —

Mountain Dew

So many close ups of John Cena and very loud pink animation, pretty much sums up this commercial but he did shout out a contest to win $1 Million if you are the first person to tweet how many Mountain Dew bottles were in the commercial. Such a fun idea, I guessed 176 and I actually want to try the Mountain Dew Major Melon. Damn you advertisers, damn you. [Funny]

Dexcom G6

Nick Jonas, who was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at the age of 13, explained how difficult diabetes is to manage when you are constantly pricking your finger. Really glad Type 1 diabetes is getting highlighted and it looks like insurance is starting to cover usage of this tech savvy system [Informative — Heartfelt]

Indeed *

This ad touched my heart with the numerous clips of everyday people struggling to find jobs in this economy. Since I myself am recently laid off, I was touched and with Rise Up as the soundtrack, I felt misty. Yes, later I found out they used some stock clips (see mention in Guaranteed Rate below, keep reading!). But, I don’t care, the sentiment hit their target market (me). [Heartfelt]

State Farm ^

They did a great job of just throwing you in a ‘story’, where Aaron Rodgers, Patrick Mahomes, and Jake From State Farm are evaluating their ‘stand-ins’. With an added cameo from Paul Rudd and Drake, this is a must watch. But I’m sure they will replay it like crazy, so don’t fret. [Funny]

— — —

Bud Light Seltzer Lemonade * ^

Everyone can agree that 2020 was a lemon of a year. Bud Light showed us what we all felt like in 2020, when there were clips upon clips of miserable people getting pelted with lemons and basically terrorized. They took our tragedy, made it into a comedy and we loved it. [Funny]

Miracle Gro

I was glad they added some color to this ad, since I was bored after the first scene. It did turn around with John Travolta and daughter, Ella — so cute! As well as a cameo with Leslie (Stanley from The Office), that did make me smile. [Funny]


Really, another commercial with Tony Romo?[Informative? Trying to be Funny? Who knows?]


A more serious ad featuring their real employees (I loved that) and highlighting that they are “Made in America”. [Heartfelt — Informative]

— — —

Rocket Mortgage *

Tracy Morgan takes an innocent family through the disasters that await when you are “Pretty Sure” about important decisions and I thought he did not disappoint! [Funny]


Not sure why the CEO was singing their jingle. Couldn’t they support and highlight an artist? Apparently, they have prepared for this and are selling a t-shirt that says “I Totally Hated That Oatly Commercial.” Please don’t add to this ad and resist the urge to buy the t-shirt. [Funny? Informative]

Huggies ^

Those babies were adorable, cute, and funny. I also love that they featured babies born on Sunday at Lee Health in Florida. And they are the youngest people to be featured in a Super Bowl Ad. Breaking records and so much cuteness, nicely done Huggies. [Heartfelt — Funny]

— — —

Toyota *

This ad featured a Paralympic gold medalist American Paralympic swimmer and Gold medalist, Jessica Long. It was a tear-jerker for me and I really loved the way they highlighted her skills and not just her disability. It was kind of strange that this was a car commercial, but Toyota is a sponsor of the American Paralympic team, so I still loved it. [Heartfelt]

E-Trade ^

Nothing is better than seeing a sweet skinny kid trying to get buff through at home workouts, paired with the 80’s anthem “You’re the Best” by Joe Esposito, this was a good one! Plus, that kid’s struggle reflects what most of us feel trying to work out at home AND our struggle with finances. Score E-Trade. [Funny]

Hellmann’s Mayonnaise

I love Amy Schumer but I’ll be honest, I didn’t really get it. Apparently, it was about eliminating food waste, so that’s great and it looks like her son loved it, so that was a win. Sorry, I didn’t get it Amy. [Funny?]

— — —

TurboTax Live

They went too literal with the virtual visits. I guess it was cool to hear some of the random tax write-offs like something about having a tree in Hawaii. Oh, you didn’t hear about this one? Yea, it pretty much flew under the radar. I’ll call it a Loser. But I still need to do my taxes, so sorry TurboTax, it’s not personal. [Funny — but not]


Really glad that Michael Jackson sold the rights to Beatles songs all over the place so we can enjoy artists covering them in ads for all time. But, it looks like a cool app, they got my attention and I might try it. [Informative]


They were trying to be funny but it is an important message that you should still wash your clothes even though they ‘look’ clean. As a Jason Alexander fan, I’m glad he got paid to be on this teen’s sweatshirt. It was funny but it is a high standard for the Super Bowl. [Funny — ish]

— — —

Dr. Squash

Ok, don’t get me wrong, I’m happy their products are natural and free from potentially harmful additives. But a ‘manly man’ talking about soap products, making jokes about being manly, just didn’t do it for me. I guess this has been a big hit, says some articles. And to be fair, it doesn’t sound like I’m their target audience. [Funny]

Vroom * ^

Car dealership nightmare! This will resonate if you have ever had a bad dealership experience, which is why most of us can chuckle at this. [Funny]

Jimmy John’s

This ad was the Biggest Loser. They tried to be funny and tell the story of a rich sandwich chain owner (whose meat has preservatives — ’cause they boast ‘Fresh’) and it seemed like they were calling others out for morality when meanwhile, another rich sandwich guy, Jimmy John Liautaud is hunting elephants and big game. I made the mistake of googling this and the images are horrible. . . I prefer the preservatives. [Funny — but actually disgusting]


Gwen Stefani video calls Adam Levine about what she is looking for in a man. He misheard her and set her up with Blake Shelton (dating in real life but they do seem like an unlikely couple). Hit on some truth, since we have all experienced spotty video calls. [Funny?]

— — — Halftime — — —


Samuel Jackson as a game avatar. It was cute but I play video games and even I didn’t think it was that funny. Well, I guess they had one funny character. [Funny]

Uber Eats * ^

Wayne’s World and Cardi B! I don’t care what they are advertising, I’m in. Loved them calling out themselves about advertising tricks, just wish they would also call themselves out for taking a large chunk of cash from local businesses. [Funny]

— — —


Anthony Anderson family flag football! Trying a little too hard to be funny but, I smiled. It was crazy to find out that they had another ad planned that sounds so funny with Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski. It is a crazy story, apparently it was banned due to it conflicting with Verizon’s deal. Weird they didn’t know this, but you can read more about it HERE [Funny-ish]

Michelob Ultra * ^

This ad was heartwarming as beloved athletes like Serena Williams and Payton Manning are hanging out with their friends. I love the message that happiness is about friends and family, and they will help you with success. [Heartfelt]

— — —

Rocket Mortgage

Round Two, Tracy Morgan is with a couple this time. The first one was funnier. Maybe because the family going through it was more dynamic or the concept was funnier the first time I saw it. [Funny]

Fivver * ^

Oh this was surprising and hilarious when all of a sudden you see Four Seasons Total Landscaping owner and president Marie Siravo, putting up a “Press Venue” sign for her site, due to the on-going joke for the quick press conference Trump’s team had there as President Biden was being declared winner of the 2020 election. It was just a good laugh and also nice to hear that this whole mix up has really turned her business around. I love a good win for the small business owners. You go Marie! [Funny]

— — —

Coming to America 2

Wow! I was excited to see this one. I’m also hoping that this encourages a younger generation to stream and enjoy the original. And for all you cult-movie snobs who are bummed about a sequel, get over yourself and give Eddie Murphy and Aresenio Hall a chance, you owe it to them for being so great in the original. Best of all, it is out March 5th! [Funny]

Cheetos * ^

Mila Kunis and Shaggy made me laugh, along with Aston Kutcher. As he tries to catch his wife, Mila, eating his Cheetos but she keeps claiming “It wasn’t me”. I loved Shaggy in this (but full disclosure, I’m a fan. I even saw him in concert a few years ago.) And I like that he flexed his songwriting skills and mixed up his own classic. What’s next for Shaggy? A new album or an Angel Soft commercial? I hope both. [Funny]


Round two had more of a focus on ‘Made in America’. [Informative — Heartfelt]


Warning: Making a website for your passion will not equal instant success. Just felt like I needed to make that PSA since Squarespace is just monopolizing on dreams. Of course, I did love Dolly Parton. She originally sang about work 9 to 5, but they threw out work-life balance, and added work from 5 to 9. Thanks Squarespace for perpetuating the overworking American norm. [Informative. Maybe in the wrong way but Dolly is great]

— — —


Cute to see ‘Mom’ Winona Ryder telling the story of Edgar (not Edward) Scissorhands. I loved that movie but was I the only one waiting for her to relate with her ‘Sticky Fingers’ problem (remember, when she shoplifted, even though she had plenty of money)? Oh, that was just me? Ok, well, was I the only one who was like what is this commercial for? I think not, but the hands free driving was pretty cool! And it is overall a winner since Tim Burton approved. [Heartfelt — Funny-ish]

Anheuser Busch * ^

Cute stories about people connecting over beer. Said, it’s “Not about the beer” which for the advertisers, it really is. But they still touched on the fact that we all can not wait to say “let’s grab a beer” when this pandemic is over. And we very much agree. [Heartfelt]

— — —


In Kansas, talking about the middle of the country being torn apart by politics. Also, I didn’t know who the famous guy was in this. . .sorry. Won for the commercial that felt the longest [Heartfelt]

— — —

Michelob Ultra * ^

I can be so gullible and this commercial really pointed that out, as it took me so long to really believe that all the ‘celebrities’ I saw were impersonators! Don Cheadle was the only ‘real’ one and his impersonator was actually his brother, so that was cool. I even liked the complexity at the end where you think they show you the voice of the guy doing the fake Christopher Walken ‘voice over’ but it is not him! It’s an actor. Just watch it, it’s a real winner. oh yea, and it’s an ad for organic alcoholic seltzer, so thank you drinkers of America for funding this entertainment.[Funny]


I wanted to like this ad since Maya Rudolph starred in it. But it is about a shopping app where you can buy now, pay later with four payments. A reminder that we can buy things we can’t afford. Thanks for nothing Maya, I hope you got paid all at once because I’m not sure how well that ad is going to pay off for them. [Funny?]

— — —

Alexa * ^

What if Alexa was in a different vessel? This great premise takes us through a daydream where we see a woman imagining if Alexa looked like Michael B. Jordan (known for “Black Panther”, especially in my Marvel fan mind). It’s a great commercial because you see her husband’s view of the situation too and he is a little jealous, which is to be expected, but the entire thing is hilarious. I’m going to stick with my dot, since it works just fine, but maybe on the next upgrade they will come in more customized shapes? One can dream. . .[Funny]

Guaranteed Rate

Not sure what this was about. Just showed a variety of clips. I liked how they gave credit to the athletes they were showing but since they were using so much stock footage and low quality clips, maybe they didn’t ask permission, so they had to say the athletes names (and yes, this is 100% made up. Look it up and let me know in the comments. Thanks!). Ending with a Loser was tough, so thanks for nothing Super Bowl! [Heartfelt?]

— — —

Overall, not a lot of funny ones this year, more heartfelt. Which I can see where advertisers would make that tone choice since we are living through a pandemic. But I feel like this is the time when we need humor the most and we need them to flex some funny, keep our minds off this world for a minute, and have a good laugh.

My Pick of Best Commercial of Super Bowl 55 is: Cheetos with Milas, Shaggy, and Ashton

My Partner’s Pick: Amazon Alexa with Michael B. Jordan. My Parents Pick: Rocket Mortgage (round one) with Tracy Morgan.

What’s Your Pick? (Comment Down Below)



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